Internal Affairs / CPAC – Remedy for progressive virus lies in saying no to migration, gender and war

CPAC – Remedy for progressive virus lies in saying no to migration, gender and war

The western world is under attack from a virus developed in “progressive liberal laboratories,” but Hungary has the remedy for it: we must say no to migration, gender and war, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday in Budapest.

In his opening speech delivered at the two-day event organised by the Centre for Fundamental Rights under the title ‘United We Stand’, Mr Orbán welcomed the attendees of the conference as ‘defenders of the free world,’ and said Hungary was an incubator in which there was an ongoing experiment with the future’s conservative policies. Hungary is the place where people not only spoke about conquering the progressive liberals and achieving a conservative, Christian political turnaround, but actually delivered on this undertaking, he stated.

We are proof of the fact that only conservative politics can help where the liberals, the leftists destroyed an entire country,

he said, adding that the Hungarian success story has been ongoing ever since.

He said while the Hungarian success was shiny already back in 2010, no one cared about it all the way until 2015; the Hungarian experiment actually owes its worldwide fame to George Soros.

If George Soros “had not attacked Hungary, had not launched his programme of wanting to relocate to Europe millions of illegal immigrants with the assistance of NGOs in his pay, we would never have found ourselves on the front pages of newspapers around the world,” Mr Orbán said. He recalled at the same time that when the Balkans were flooded with illegal migrants and a people smuggling route leading into the heart of Europe was put in place, then “they crashed into Hungary.” “We stopped them, we took up the gauntlet, we defended ourselves, we built a fence and we defended our country,” he stressed.

At the same time, he continued, they realised that they could only truly defend the country if they also accepted the resulting intellectual and ideological battles as “migration is an important part of the liberal progressives’ philosophy.”

He said the nation was a great invention of the West, “the core of the heart of the free world,” but every nation of the free world was now under attack.

“We are all under attack, in Europe as much as in America […]; the attack is not of an economic nature, we are facing a biological weapon, they launched a virus attack against us. This virus was developed in progressive liberal laboratories,” the Prime Minister said, adding that “this virus didn’t escape from the laboratory, but was developed, propagated and spread worldwide.”

He stressed that the nation was also the western world’s Achilles heel, and if nations disintegrate, then the possibility of a free life is lost and the West falls. Without a homeland, people can never be free; they can only be exiles, people moved from one place to another, mere toys of the global elite, he warned.

He pointed out that this attack was successful. “The West is not doing well in the race of civilisations,” and the worst thing is that “for this we have only ourselves to blame,” the Prime Minister said, indicating that the essence of illegal migration lies in the destruction of national communities.

The woke movement and gender propaganda serve the same objective, Mr Orbán stressed, likening them to communism and Marxism, highlighting that the power base of these ideologies, too, lies in artificially tearing the nation into minorities in order to sow seeds of discord among those groups.

Mr Orbán described progressive foreign policy as the third virus variant posing a threat to western nations which “always plunges us into war.” The colourful revolutions started with the slogan of freedom, continued with liberal, progressive re-education, the bettering of human beings, and all that was left behind them was chaos and the shame we felt for the countries abandoned in the process, he said.

Mr Orbán said if Donald Trump was leading America today, no war of any kind would be taking its toll on Ukraine and Europe. “Please return, Mr President, make America great again and bring us peace,” he stressed.

He said the progressives always engaged in imperial policies, always exerted diplomatic pressure on nations, expecting them to reveal whether they supported migration, gender propaganda, the relativisation of families and the sexualisation of children. Those who are not prepared to do so are enemies, and “a fatwa is issued against them,” he said.

The progressives’ latest imperial foreign policy objective is to take the right of the Member States of the European Union to a foreign policy of their own away from them. They must be stopped, this will be the biggest battle in Brussels in the coming months, he stated.

He said the greatest weakness of the progressives is the people’s will, meaning democracy itself, “this is where they can be caught out. “ 

He stressed that the remedy for the progressive virus was here in Hungary, was available to all, offered protection against all variants, was free to be taken, worked everywhere “with a little fine-tuning,” and had no side effects.

All it takes is to write well-visibly on the flag with enormous letters before the elections: no migration, no gender, no war,

Mr Orbán said.

He recalled that the Hungarians had stopped migration at the border, had banned gender propaganda in schools, and were uncompromisingly working for peace, “and this works.” He added: people appreciate that “their way of life is at stake,” and they support the political forces which protect the entire nation and represent its best interests.

Referring to the recent success of right-wing forces, he highlighted that in the past few years they had occupied “major European shrines” such as Budapest, Warsaw, Rome and even Jerusalem, and the situation regarding Vienna was not hopeless either, but the two main shrines of modern democracy, Washington and Brussels were still “controlled by the liberals.” “Let us do everything we can to change this,” Mr Orbán appealed to his audience.


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