Diplomacy / We did it. Hungary’s money cannot be given to Ukraine 

We did it. Hungary’s money cannot be given to Ukraine 

We did it. The Hungarian people’s money can’t be given to the Ukrainians. We are not taking part in the war, are not sending weapons, and continue to stand for peace, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote in a message posted on his social media account in conjunction with a video on Thursday. 

In a message recorded after the one-day extraordinary summit held in Brussels, the Prime Minister said they had negotiated for many long hours already since Wednesday, and had begun the actual talks in the early hours of this morning. 

Mr Orbán said the topic was Ukraine, and the question of whether the European Union should support Ukraine, and if so, how and with how much money. This is where the talks left off last December because we failed to obtain solutions to two Hungarian problems, he added. 

“We’re concerned that the EU funds the Hungarian people are entitled to – which the European Commission has not given us so far – will, sooner or later, end up in Ukraine. And we’re also concerned that we’re making funds available to Ukraine uncontrolled, for an overly long period,” he pointed out.

Mr Orbán said last night and this morning we received an offer and eventually negotiated a controlling mechanism which guarantees the reasonable utilisation of funds, and we also received a guarantee that Hungary’s money cannot be sent to Ukraine. 

“After long negotiations, we accepted this offer,” the Prime Minister stated in the video. 

“I’m glad that the markets – the reaction of the economy – have responded to this agreement positively,” Mr Orbán said. 


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