Azon dolgozunk, hogy megmentsük a Dunaferrt

We are working to save Dunaferr

We are working to save Dunaferr, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on his Facebook account on Wednesday.

For many long months, the team has been working to save Dunaferr, the Prime Minister said, recalling that Dunaferr has been destroyed by its former owners, company executives and finally the Brussels sanctions.
“Regrettably, we can hardly wait for any help from Brussels, from there we can only expect sanctions, nothing else,” he stressed.
In Mr Orbán’s words, at the Wednesday cabinet meeting, based on Mr Mészáros’s proposal, they decided that in the next six months the government would pay the wages of Dunaferr’s workers. The total cost of that amounts to more than HUF 16 billion, he added.
He also said in the coming months they will make every effort to ensure that the Dunaújváros Iron Works that is essential for Hungarian industry has, upon the passage of this period of six months, a reliable owner guaranteeing stable operations.