Those who support migration support terrorism 

Hungary is against terrorism, this is why it does not support migration as those who support migration also support terrorism, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Thursday in Brussels. 

Arriving at the two-day EU summit, Mr Orbán expressed hope that Brussels would finally realise that there was an evident connection between acts of terrorism and migration. 

He said the EU wants to collect more money from the Member States in order to give it for inclusion policy related to migration and to the Ukrainians. 

He stated that Hungary’s position was clear: Hungary does not want to give money to migrants, and neither does it want to give money to Ukraine; at best, only on the basis of a very thorough proposal. The current proposals are, however, lacking in serious technical and political arguments. “That we should just give more money, that will not work, we will reject that,” he underlined. 

In answer to a question related to the war in Ukraine, the Prime Minister said Hungary has a peace plan, and wishes to keep all possible channels of communication with Russia open in the hope that it will be accepted. He said Hungary is the only country which stands for peace that is in the best interests of every European. Hungary has a transparent and absolutely clear peace strategy, and wants to do everything it can in the interest of restoring peace. Therefore, Hungary takes the view that every possible channel of communication with the Russians must be kept open; otherwise, there is no chance for peace. 

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he said Hungary stands up for Israel’s right to defend itself and to prevent the repeat of a terrorist attack similar to that committed on 7 October against the State of Israel by the Islamist terrorist organisation Hamas. He further stated that there was a need for the provision of humanitarian assistance. 

According to both the Hungarian and European positions, there are two key countries in the Mediterranean region – Israel and Egypt – and should the situation become unstable in either, waves of migration could immediately set out for Europe. In order to avoid this, these countries must be stabilised as the stability of the region is in the European people’s best interest, the Prime Minister underlined. 

In answer to a question, the Prime Minister expressed hope that in the joint statement planned to be adopted at the summit, leaders of the Member States will provide member state candidate status for Georgia. 


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