There will be no winner in this war

This war has no victor, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán laid down on Wednesday in Balatonfüred according to a report published on the online edition of the newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

They reported: after his state of the nation address on Saturday, on Wednesday in Balatonfüred, ahead of Parliament’s spring session to begin shortly, the Prime Minister-President of Fidesz addressed members of the Fidesz-KDNP parliamentary group alliance. In his speech he laid down “clear foundations” for the period ahead.

According to the article, Mr Orbán told members of the parliamentary group that at a three-day meeting held in Sopron, members of the cabinet had debated whether there was any need for adjusting the Hungarian position regarding the war. The government concluded at this meeting that there is no need for an adjustment because the Hungarian national interest continues to dictate, also today, that the country be left out of this war.

This is how the Hungarian people decided in April, we will not supply weapons, we will not join any war coalition, the Prime Minister pointed out according to the report.

In his address, according to Magyar Nemzet’s information, Mr Orbán stressed that we did not root for anyone as this war could not have a victor.

In his view, Russia cannot win because the entire western world has lined up behind Ukraine. At the same time, Russia is a nuclear power, and a nuclear power cannot be cornered because they may trigger a nuclear war, the article reads.

The newspaper reported: the Prime Minister repeatedly confirmed that in this war the only morally right stance was the stance of Fidesz-KDNP because lives can only be saved with a ceasefire and peace, and so we need an immediate ceasefire and peace talks.

According to Mr Orbán’s assessment, in the past year Europe has weakened because the Biden Administration is enforcing its interests in Brussels unrestrictedly, to the detriment of Europe’s interests.

The responses given to the war, “the tsunami of sanctions” began to weaken the European economy, and meanwhile, this is not affecting America rich in cheap energy at all, they reported, quoting the Prime Minister.

According to the report, the Prime Minister finally spoke about the fact that Europe’s military strength had also begun to weaken because the war had depleted the inventories of European armies, while no effort had been made to replenish them.

The article reports: according to Mr Orbán, in less than a year, Europe has lost its sovereignty as well as its economic and military strength. In this situation, Hungary must represent its own interests because this is the only way to survive the present period of war unscathed and stronger.

They added that in the Prime Minister’s opinion, for this we must do three things. We must defend Hungary’s sovereignty which means that we must defend the pro-peace position against the Biden Administration and Brussels. The second point is to preserve the strength of the Hungarian economy; we must declare a war on inflation, and must protect jobs as well as families, the elderly and people living off work. The third point, the article reports, is that we must enhance Hungary’s military strength “as for peace you need strength.”

They further reported: in his address, Mr Orbán reiterated that inflation had been unleashed upon Europe, including upon Hungary by Brussels.


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