Diplomacy / There is no chance of reaching an EU agreement on migration

There is no chance of reaching an EU agreement on migration

There is no chance of an agreement being reached by the leaders of the European Union’s Member States on the issue of migration, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Friday in Granada, arriving at the summit of the heads of state and government of EU Member States.

He added that this was politically impossible as they had previously agreed to decide on the regulation of migration on a unanimous basis, but this had long since been changed, and the package had been pushed through against the rules, disregarding the protests of Hungary and Poland.  

After this, there is no chance for a compromise or an agreement; not only now, but for years to come, the Prime Minister pointed out.

Regarding the enlargement of the EU, he said Hungary is an advocate and supporter of the process. At the same time, a number of Member States cite ‘enlargement fatigue’ which is not fair on those awaiting accession. The EU needs new Member States, he laid down.

Hungary supports Georgia’s accession; next week, a joint cabinet meeting will be held in Tbilisi, he said.

Photo: Fischer Zoltán

He added that as regards Ukraine’s EU accession, a strategic review is required because admitting a country at war to the EU has never previously emerged. He said in this regard there are “too many open questions,” and first the underlying strategic tenets must be clarified. “We must understand why admitting Ukraine benefits the EU, what the consequences are […] how much money we’re talking about,” he listed. Ukraine’s accession raises new issues – in addition to security – also in the areas of the EU’s cohesion policy and agriculture. With Kiev’s accession, in the EU “a completely new agricultural sector will come into being,” he pointed out.

In answer to questions from members of the press, Mr Orbán also spoke about topics related to energy. He said Azerbaijan is a key country, without it energy independence of Russia is not attainable. Hungary already has an agreement with Baku on gas supplies, he recalled.

He also highlighted that the southern energy corridor is of vital importance for Hungary, especially after the northern one was destroyed in a terrorist attack. We must therefore pay special attention to guaranteeing the security of the southern corridor.

Regarding tensions between Kosovo and Serbia, Mr Orbán drew attention to the fact that Pristina should change its attitude because in the past two years they have regularly provoked the Serbs, and provocation upsets stability. He said without Serbia there is no stability, adding that in his firm opinion Serbia must be assisted in the stabilisation of the region. At the same time, regarding possible sanctions against Belgrade, he took the view that any such measure was out of the question, and amounted to nothing more than a ridiculous idea.


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