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There is an eternal alliance between Hungarians and sports

On Saturday in the House of Hungarian Music, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attended a show and reception held in honour of the World Athletics Championships where he met with the world’s sports executives and sports diplomats, Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

In his welcome speech, Mr Orbán said there is an eternal alliance between Hungarians and sports. Those who have been to Budapest in the past few days have had the opportunity to see that Hungary is ancient and modern, national and open; they have had the opportunity to see what the Hungarians are really like: they are passionate and respectful, over here love for sports and respect for sports heroes override almost everything. 

It is no wonder that we have already hosted this many excellent sports events, he said in continuation. In the past few years alone, we have already hosted world aquatics championships, European water polo and swimming championships, world fencing and judo championships, European handball championships, the Giro d’Italia, a Europa League final, and we will soon host a Champions League final as well, he listed. 

Budapest has become a meeting point for the sports loving world, Mr Orbán concluded.

If we put this fine long list together, it may seem that – even if not at once, but “in multiple instalments” – we have already hosted an Olympiad, the Prime Minister said. 

Hungary is in eighth position in the medal rankings of the summer Olympic Games, with nations larger and more populous than ourselves ranked behind us. We have achieved this in such a way that we are the only ones among the countries in the top ten positions who have not yet hosted an Olympic Games. This can hardly remain the case for eternity, Mr Orbán stated.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the importance of peace, highlighting that the Hungarians have dedicated these world championships to peace. 

He finally thanked the organisers of the world championships for their hard work. 



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