Diplomacy / Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with farmers demonstrating in central Brussels 

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with farmers demonstrating in central Brussels 

Arriving in Brussels, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with farmers demonstrating in the centre of the city with whom he spoke about the fact that European leaders should pay far more attention to the people, Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief told the Hungarian news agency MTI. 

He added that on Wednesday evening in Brussels Mr Orbán will also have talks with former Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

The Prime Minister told Belgian journalists that Europe needed new leaders and a new elite because at present – be that about migration or the war in Ukraine – they did not take the voice of the people of the street seriously, and this amounted to a democratic deficit.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the European Union did not sufficiently respect the fact that agriculture was an important element of the European economy. A number of countries have introduced regulations that are adverse to farmers and have made their lives more difficult.

Mr Orbán pointed out that Ukrainian agriculture was governed by much less stringent regulations, and as a result, an unfair competitive situation had developed.

“We suffer from this primarily, Poles, Slovaks and Hungarians who live in Ukraine’s immediate neighbourhood. However, sooner or later, this loss will also reach Europe’s interior, and will also be felt here in Brussels, in France and in Spain,” the Hungarian Prime Minister said, adding that this must be stopped. 

“The European Commission must represent the interests of European farmers against Ukrainians, not the other way around,” he added. 

He also said the importation of Ukrainian products must be stopped because the conditions and circumstances of the cultivation of the land are not the same, and due to the EU regulations, European farmers are sustaining severe losses. 

As a solution to the problem, Mr Orbán suggested a complete change of leadership in Brussels because “these leaders will never make decisions that favour farmers.” 

“We must find new leaders who genuinely represent the people’s interests,” he added, referring to the elections due to be held in the European Parliament in June. 


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