Diplomacy / Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with Huawei executive 

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with Huawei executive 

In China Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the founder-chief executive of Huawei had talks about the digital future; the company announced the opening of its new plant in Kapuvár operating on Industry 4.0 foundations, the joint communication of Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief and Huawei reads.

According to the communication released in Shenzhen, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with Huawei Technologies founder-chief executive Ren Zhengfei at the company’s headquarters in China. The meeting was also attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó, Minister for Economic Development Márton Nagy and Ministry of Energy Csaba Lantos. The meeting was part of the series of talks which the Hungarian government regularly conducts with strategic partner companies, the communication reads. 

The main topic of the Shenzhen meeting was the long-term impact of digitisation on society, the economy and security. The parties agreed that a country that falls behind in the development of data-based infocommunications and data transmission networks will find itself at a global disadvantage for decades. 

According to the communication, Mr Orbán highlighted that Huawei represented the highest standards in innovation and technology worldwide. The company also plays a prominent role in Hungary’s digitisation; it was one of the first large Chinese businesses to complete a major investment in Hungary. 

The Prime Minister also spoke in words of praise about the company’s role in the training of Hungarian engineers. He stressed that Hungary will continue to provide a balanced and open economic and investment environment for Chinese businesses. 

During his visit, the Prime Minister had the opportunity to acquaint himself with Huawei’s latest technologies as well as its determination in the field of innovation, the parties stated. 

According to the communication, also at present, the company provides jobs for two thousand people in Hungary through its production and logistic services offered to European markets as well as through its research and development centre operated in the country. The company has now also invested in further areas, launching an inverter plant in Kapuvár.

As conventional production is undergoing a process of transformation globally for a variety of reasons, digitised autonomous production and industrial systems communicating via private 5G mobile networks and controlled by artificial intelligence are coming to the fore. Therefore, in Huawei’s new Kapuvár plant currently operating in test mode, technologies are being introduced that are unique in Europe, the emphasis is being laid on modern production know-how and the most innovative Industry 4.0 digital technologies are being used. Phase two of the production unit will start at the beginning of 2024, as part of which they will extend the range of products manufactured and will expand the industrial production floors. 

At the end of the Prime Minister’s visit, on behalf of the Ministry for Economic Development, Minister Márton Nagy and Gao Weijie, the company’s chief executive responsible for Hungary signed a declaration of intent regarding the digital development of  Hungarian industry and the expansion of Hungary’s electrification, the communication reads. 


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