Energy policy / Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with Azeri minister of economy

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with Azeri minister of economy

On Monday in the Carmelite Monastery, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received Azerbaijan’s Minister of Economy Mikhail Djabbarov; energy cooperation was the primary focus of the meeting, Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

At the meeting, which was also attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó and Minister for Economic Development Márton Nagy, Mr Orbán said it is an important development from the viewpoint of Hungary’s energy security that, based on the agreements concluded earlier, in July the Azeri energy company started feeding natural gas into Hungary’s storage facilities, and with this, an actual physical gas conveyance relationship has come into being between our countries.

The parties also spoke about the fact that several Hungarian companies were making successful efforts to expand their operations in Azerbaijan, and further Hungarian investments were on the agenda as well.

In the context of the reconstruction of Karabakh, the attendees of the talks confirmed: the Azeri party has already designated the settlement, the reconstruction of which will be assigned to Hungarian companies, according to plans, Mr Havasi reported.

Mr Orbán highlighted that every year Hungary offers students from Azerbaijan 200 scholarship grants for studies in Hungary.


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