Diplomacy / Name of peace is Donald Trump 

Name of peace is Donald Trump 

Donald Trump was a president of peace, he commanded respect around the world, and he thereby created the conditions that were necessary for peace, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in a video sent to the Hungarian news agency MTI on Saturday after his meeting with the former president of the United States. 

The Prime Minister said during Mr Trump’s presidency, there was peace in the Middle East, and there was peace in Ukraine, too. “Today there would be no war either if he were still president of the United States.” 

The Prime Minister said they agreed that there will be peace if the world has leaders who want peace. “I am proud that Hungary is one of those countries,” he stated. 

Mr Orbán highlighted that they further agreed that there were many opportunities yet to be explored in US-Hungarian economic relations, and “while our volume of trade was above 9 billion dollars, we don’t want to stop there. If the President returns, we will give US-Hungarian trade relations another boost,” the Hungarian Prime Minister pointed out. 

He also said in America, the campaign is under way in earnest, “I could say, it is rushing ahead at top speed,” it is the American people’s business to make their own decision, “while our – the Hungarian people’s – duty is to admit sincerely that it would be better for the world and it would be better for Hungary if President Trump returned,” Mr Orbán stressed. 


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