Interviews / Interview with Viktor Orbán for the RTL info

Interview with Viktor Orbán for the RTL info

Chantal Monet: What do you think of all this movement in Europe?

You mean agriculture?


First, first of all, it’s a European mistake that the voice of people is not taken seriously. That’s the number one. Just not relevant to the farmers but the ordinary people as such. They are not taken seriously by the leaders. That’s the number one problem. We can speak about migration or war or Ukraine, whatever. You know. The voice of the people of the streets are not taken seriously by the leaders. It’s a democratic deficit. That’s number one.

Whose fault is that?

The leaders, you know, because the people are always right.

You too?

I try to do my best. The second point is that the agriculture as an important element of the European economy is not respected properly. So many countries and the majority here in Brussels – even be opposed anyway, together with Polish – introduce regulation which is not good for farmers. It makes their life more difficult, creating a lot of losses. So they try to represent their interest. So they are fighting for first democracy, second for their own interest. And the third one is a challenge of Ukraine. A challenge of Ukraine is a very important issue. Those who are living here in Brussels or in France or in Spain, they don’t, or you don’t understand exactly how dangerous is that, but we are living next door to Ukraine. And the Ukrainian agriculture products just coming to Europe. So the first countries who suffer because of the unfair conditions for the competition – because the regulation for the Ukrainians is far less severe than to our farmers – the European ones, so we suffer first. The Polish one, the Slovakians, the Hungarians and so on. But sooner or later, that threat, that danger, that damage will reach the internal part of Europe as well, here in Brussels, in France, in Spain. So we have to stop it. So the European Commission should represent the interest of the European farmers vice versa to Ukraine and not to represent the interest of Ukrainian farmers against the European ones. That’s the problem.

Does that stop importing Ukrainian products?

Definitely, we have to stop it. We have to stop it. Because the condition of cultivation of the land and the agriculture is not the same. So the regulations in Ukraine are very low. In Europe very high, which generate a lot of expenses for the farmers. It’s simply not fair competition.

So tomorrow, what can the leaders do? What should the leaders do?

Go home and have a new leadership here in Brussels. So we need a total change here in Brussels. Till then, these leaders will never make any good decisions for the farmers.

So you mean Charles Michel, Ursula von der Leyen?

No, no, everybody!, So I think we need a new elite here. We need a new parliament. We need new leaders. After the European election in June.

So you too, also, you need to leave?

If the Hungarian people decide yes. So, there’s a European election in June. So we need a new European Parliament. Then new leaders will be elected for the Council of Europe and for the Commission of Europe as well. So we have to find new leaders who really represent the people. That’s the only way out, may I say. Thank you very much.


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