Internal Affairs / Hungary must pursue its own path 

Hungary must pursue its own path 

Hungary must always pursue its own path, and must follow the path it built itself, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Saturday in the vicinity of Pápa, Veszprém County, at the inauguration of the dual carriageway section of main road 83 connecting the town to the city of Győr.

“If we allow others to tell us when we should fight against whom, whom we should live together with, whom we should trade with, then the storms of the world will destroy Hungary,” he said in continuation, adding that “Hungary must pursue its own path, and must believe that its own path is the right path.” 

Mr Orbán stressed that the government had two major debts to the town of Pápa: the issue of the hospital was settled earlier, and now the town whose mission it is to connect the Little Hungarian Plain to the Bakony Mountain has been given a new road. 

The Prime Minister highlighted that, in addition to the development of the local economy and the improvement of the locals’ quality of life, the new road also had significance for Hungary’s defence due to the Pápa military airport. 

Mr Orbán said while we keep receiving news from other parts of the world about wars and crises, Hungary is in the process of building its future. 

“In good weather, on calm waters any ship can be safely navigated, but today the circumstances are not in our favour in the least, and the waters are far from calm. Never before have we experienced such difficult, horrible times riddled with wars as the times Europe is today compelled to endure, we have entered an era of threats, the sea of nations is in turmoil, and the explosive swells can be clearly seen from everywhere, including from here, from Hungary,” he said. 

He added that “unless we pay attention, the swells could even shake us,” and so “anyone who navigates in such a storm has no easy job; in such conditions, the direction, the hull of the ship and the crew must equally be in order, and it also helps if the captain is not a halfwit.” 

Wherever these things are not in order, the aspiration to arrive at one’s destination and to safely reach the shore is doomed to failure, the Prime Minister said. 

Photo: Benkő Vivien Cher

Mr Orbán said “we should be proud of the fact that even in such stormy times Hungary is on the right path, and not only is it on the right path, but it is able – despite many difficulties, including inflation and high interest rates to mention but a few, even in such times – to solve problems of many decades.” 

The Prime Minister described the development of main road 83 as an old debt to the Hungarian countryside, and said the government and the nation expect two things from the Hungarian countryside: on the one hand, they expect local communities to be strong and these areas to develop because without their strength “we can’t be successful,” but at the same time, they also expect “the individual regions not to lose their character,” to remain as we have grown to know and like them.

We want development and at the same time we want to keep what is good; this is not an easy task, the Prime Minister observed, stressing that to this end these regions must not drop out of the country’s economic blood circulation. 

Mr Orbán said “a good road network keeps the country on a path of development,” and then mentioned the fact that Hungary’s network of express roads is denser than that of France, Scandinavia or Ireland, and is only a little behind Austria. 

A country that is capable of expanding its road network in such difficult times is a country that is capable of great achievements even in hard times, the Prime Minister stated. 


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