Hungary continues to attach much hope to cooperation with China 

For China Hungary remains a good friend in Central Europe; Budapest continues to attach much hope to cooperation, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Monday in Beijing at a meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang. 

He recalled that we were about to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the two countries. 

He stressed that they had developed successful cooperation and personal friendship also with previous prime ministers. 

He added that this political friendship also had a deeper cultural foundation. 

It is no surprise that in the Soviet bloc Hungary was the first to recognise China, and it is the only Central European state that has consistently held the One China principle, the Prime Minister said. 

He also said President of China Xi Jinping first received him in 2009 when Mr Xi was vice-president, while Mr Orbán was leader of the opposition. They will meet again on Tuesday, and this will be their seventh meeting which “also clearly demonstrates the friendship between the two nations.” 

“I will do everything I can in order for Hungary to continue to pursue a foreign policy regarding China that is worthy of our ancestors,” Mr Orbán pointed out.

Li Qiang said the two countries are tied together by a close friendship; this, too, facilitated the development of bilateral relations at the highest level. He pointed out that Hungarian-Chinese relations had reached their peak so far; a new kind of international relationship had come into being. 

After the meeting, in the presence of the prime ministers, multiple intergovernmental agreements were signed, including on the priority bilateral projects of the Belt and Road Initiative of China, an industrial and investment cooperation programme as well as agreements on the development of the economy and technology, the digital economy and climate protection. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will attend the third summit of the Belt and Road Forum. He also spoke at the previous two summits in 2017 and 2019. 

China is Hungary’s ninth most important trade partner, and this year, China is once again Hungary’s largest direct foreign investor. 


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