Diplomacy / Everyone must stay outside EU borders until their asylum requests are assessed 

Everyone must stay outside EU borders until their asylum requests are assessed 

The most important question in the case of the EU migration and asylum package is whether those who want to come to Europe are allowed to stay in the territory of the EU before the assessment of their asylum requests or are required to stay outside the EU’s borders until the adoption of the relevant decision. Until this question is answered, not a single EU rule related to migration will work, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in Brussels on Tuesday.

Mr Orbán held a public discussion in the European Parliament in the company of former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Fabrice Leggeri, former head of the EU border agency Frontex and a leader of the party list of the French right-wing National Rally (RN).

The Prime Minister laid down that whatever ideas are conceived in connection with the EU migration and asylum package, the question of where applicants are required to stay during the asylum procedure must be answered. This is a red line. If this question is not answered, then all other issues will remain unresolved, he pointed out. 

“If you are not brave enough to say that everybody has to stay out till the decision is done, if you are not brave enough to do that, whatever regulation you create, it will never work,” the Prime Minister underlined. 

If the migration package is adopted with a majority, rather than with unanimity, the pact will not work, and its implementation will become paralysed, Mr Orbán pointed out. 

He recalled that the European Commission had brought proceedings against Hungary before the European Court because it had concluded that the Hungarian rules relating to migration did not conform to EU law. However, Hungary resists and keeps on fighting, he laid down. 

He said neither must we forget about the Soros Plan that sought to organise migration. “We are fighting against an organised group called the Soros Empire. Against the Soros network which pays non-governmental organisations to attack our legal system. They are engaged in unlawful activities against our nation,” Mr Orbán stated. 

The Prime Minister highlighted that this clearly shows how the European Union works, how George Soros has become involved in its functioning, occupying a number of EU institutions, influencing Members of the European Parliament and other leaders.

“This is against us, and is about how to change Europe, how to silence and marginalise Christian, conservative, national political leaders and voters,” he stated. 

The Prime Minister stressed that the so-called liberals and the communists are close to each other because they both love centrally controlled, bureaucratic procedures, instead of believing in freedom. He drew attention to the fact that, according to the Central European experience, the former communists easily transform themselves into liberals. 

“Beware, liberals and communists do the same things,” Mr Orbán said, adding that a good example is Brussels where the liberals act just like the one-time communists did, and freedom of the speech no longer exists. 

Regarding EU politics, Mr Orbán said the past five years of the European Union have been about the realisation of some of the goals of the incumbent leadership. Green transition has failed as it goes against economic and industrial reality, he said. Green transition cannot be politically motivated. If it is, it will destroy the competitiveness of the European economy. “This is where we are today,” he pointed out. 

In the context of the economic impacts of the war in Ukraine, he said, despite the best intentions, measures may be adopted which cause difficulties for the European economy as  we can now see in the case of European farmers. In order to find a solution and to avoid further crises, it is necessary to determine what the EU should do with the issue of the war. And this must be detached from the issue of Ukraine’s EU accession as much as possible, he stated. 

Referring to the post-coronavirus pandemic EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), Mr Orbán recalled that Hungary had to date not received a penny from this facility; the EU facility has become a mere tool for blackmail. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen clearly stated that Hungary is not receiving the money it is entitled to because of its migration policy, he added. 

Mr Orbán pointed out that all significant initiatives of the incumbent EU leadership had failed. 

“The present EU leadership must go, and we need new people. The plan is that we’re coming, and we’ll occupy Brussels,” the Prime Minister stated in the Belgian capital. 


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