Election / Europe is teetering on a razor’s edge, between war and peace 

Europe is teetering on a razor’s edge, between war and peace 

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán continued his campaign trail of the countryside in Kaposvár; he had talks with Mayor Károly Szita and met with members of Kaposvár’s electorate, Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

Mr Orbán highlighted that the world was teetering on a razor’s edge; humanity is on the border of peace and a war destroying everything.

We Hungarians learnt at the expense of two world wars that war is a bad thing, a devastating flood that sweeps everything away. Naturally, above all, it brings death and suffering, but it also takes away families’ savings, homes and property. It wipes out the country’s economy and propels prices sky-high. Therefore, when we speak for peace, we seek to protect not only human lives, but also our economy. 

The top priority is to restore peace, and as the war is being financed by the West, they must make efforts to bring it to a conclusion. We must send pro-peace, right-wing delegates to the European institutions instead of left-wing, pro-war ones, Mr Orbán pointed out. 


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