Diplomacy / CPAC – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: We must replace the progressive-liberal world order with a pro-sovereignty one 

CPAC – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: We must replace the progressive-liberal world order with a pro-sovereignty one 

This year, we can bring an inglorious era of western civilisation to an end; we can bring a world order based on progressive-liberal hegemony to a conclusion, and replace it with a pro-sovereignty world order, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed on Thursday in Budapest, on the opening day of the CPAC Hungary conference. 

At the forum organised by the Centre for Fundamental Rights, the Prime Minister took the view that the world order that is based on progressive and liberal hegemony has failed because it has brought wars, chaos and unrest, a declining economy and disorder to the world. Its supporters advocated that their task was not to represent the people, but to realise their own ideals, he said, adding that they divided the world into democracies and autocracies, and claimed that their role was to fight a crusade against autocracies.

This world order, he said in continuation, has produced leaders who are not suited to the task, who make one mistake after another, and who finally rush to their own destruction. 

He described liberal leaders by saying that in their view there is a need for some kind of ideological control that everyone must submit to, and that will lead to peace in the world. “When I listen to them I have the feeling that even the participants of a beauty contest know more about world peace than these blundering leaders,” he observed.

He said here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to replace the declining progressive-liberal zeitgeist with another zeitgeist, a pro-sovereignty world order. In this world order there is no global ideology that everyone must adhere to because national interests will determine the movements of states, and every independent state will proceed on the basis of its own national interests, he explained.

In a pro-sovereignty world order, the people are the real sovereign, he continued, and rather than all kinds of NGOs, large corporations, media centres, “suspect experts and academics blown here by the wind,” representatives and politicians elected by the people will tell us what is right and what we should do.

The sovereigntist world spirit will replace the Soros-type open society with a protected society where the state protects its own citizens; where migration is not organised and the borders are protected; where the establishment of families is a value and families are protected as important institutions of the nation, he said, adding that in a pro-sovereignty world the world economy is organised free from ideology, on the basis of mutual advantages. 

Reminding his audience of the upcoming elections, he stressed that the advocates of the old world were still there in Brussels, and also in Washington. “This year, we’re undertaking no less than to drive them away from there. Let the period of pro-sovereignty forces come at last. Let us return to the peaceful and safe course that made the West great. Make America Great Again! Make Europe Great Again! Come on, Donald Trump! Come on, European pro-sovereignty forces!” he stressed.

Mr Orbán also spoke about the fact that today Hungary has a reputation in international politics which is unusual as it is a country of ten million with a modest army and a medium-strong GDP. 

He said what provokes interest most is perhaps the fact that while “the whole of Europe has been flooded by a progressive-liberal ocean,” here “miracle of miracles, remains a conservative island, an island of difference which defies the liberal tide, the Brussels thunderstorm and the Washington hurricane.” What’s more, not only does it defy it; it survives, it thrives, it’s successful, and it wins; it keeps winning time and again,” he added. 

He highlighted that the Budapest event of CPAC is a conservative conference in Europe which no one wants to ban. The organisers receive threats from no one, and the event is not harassed by the police as was the case last week in Brussels. 

In Hungary, things work differently; despite all rumours to the contrary, here the rule of law prevails, everyone is free to organise any conference they want to, is free to rent any place they want to, and is free to say whatever they want to, Mr Orbán laid down, also observing that in contrast to the Belgian prime minister, he – even if he wanted to – would be unable to send a message to a Hungarian court about what the right decision would be. “In fact, if I sent a message, they would make a contrary decision just to spite me, […] Hungarians don’t like others meddling in their affairs,” he said.

He pointed out that 2024 was not a year of theory; it is a year of practice. There will be elections throughout the world which we must win. These elections coincide with major world political and geopolitical trend reversals. The order of the world is changing, and “we must lead our cause to victory amidst changes,” he stressed. 

He said the progressive liberals are starting to sense the danger, the dismissal of an era also means their removal, the end of the progressive zeitgeist. Therefore, they are desperate, they will stop at nothing, and they are still in power at this point in time. They are dangerous opponents, and have no moral hang-ups, he added. 

They are in power, and do not hesitate to use the means at their disposal; if needs be, they also deploy state agencies against us, he said, adding that just like the communists did in the old days, the progressive liberals accomplish the feat of turning state agencies into means of oppression in five simple steps.

The first step is to re-define what constitutes normal so that it should mean the very opposite: war is peace, migration is a resource, he said, indicating that after this they start disseminating this “reversed normality” with state means, and then they identify those who hold “dangerous views” as security risks. Following this, they set the liberal press and activists on them, and in step number five state agencies, too, swing into action.

He said this is what they are doing to Hungary in Brussels, this is what they are doing to conservatives in liberal European capitals and also in the United States where they “want to strike Donald Trump from the ballot paper” with court rulings. 


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