Diplomacy / Chinese-Hungarian relations have risen to all-time high 

Chinese-Hungarian relations have risen to all-time high 

During Xi Jinping’s presidency, Chinese-Hungarian relations “have risen to an all-time high,” and this is extremely advantageous and useful for Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Tuesday in Beijing at his meeting with the Chinese head of state.

He thanked President Xi Jinping for the constant and steady support provided by his host with a view to the development of bilateral relations. 

The Hungarian Prime Minister arrived in Beijing to attend the Wednesday summit of the Belt and Road Initiative; the idea of the programme built on a series of major infrastructure projects came from Mr Xi. 

In this context, on Tuesday, Mr Orbán stated that Hungary had supported the initiative right from the start. 

We are convinced that this is an initiative that will change the world, will change the world economy, and will transform the world into a place which will serve the welfare of more people than before,

the Prime Minister said. 

He highlighted that, regardless of European political debates, also in the future China can continue to rely on Hungary remaining a part of the initiative and seeking cooperation with Beijing. 

The present third summit is being attended by the representatives of more than 130 countries and a number of international organisations. 

China is Hungary’s ninth most significant trade partner. This year, China is again Hungary’s largest direct foreign investor. 


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