Diplomacy / Both Hungary and Slovakia speak in voice of peace 

Both Hungary and Slovakia speak in voice of peace 

Hungary will persevere with a pro-peace policy, and is happy that Slovakia, too, speaks in the voice of peace, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated after he received Speaker of the Slovak Parliament Peter Pellegrini on Monday in the Carmelite Monastery. 

In a press statement made after the meeting, with reference to the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Prime Minister said the Hungarian people are observing with concern what is happening, that hundreds of thousands are dying and becoming widows, and hundreds of thousands of children are being orphaned. We do not see where the end of this war is, he added.

Mr Orbán stated that today peace was the most important question. At the same time, the whole of Europe speaks in the voice of war. 

He stressed that he was very happy that, in addition to Hungary, Slovakia, too, spoke in the voice of peace now. He indicated that he reassured his negotiating partner that Hungary will persevere with its pro-peace policy, and he would like the two countries to be able to cooperate in the interest of peace.

We are living in an era of threats, and at times like this, good neighbourly relations gain in significance, he stressed, promising that Hungary will do everything it can also in the future in order to remain a good neighbour of Slovakia.

He said at the meeting with the Speaker of the Slovak Parliament, they also spoke about the issue of sovereignty as Brussels wants to take the veto away from Member States on certain issues, including foreign policy, meaning that they want to do away with unanimity.

He stressed that on this issue they both regarded sovereignty as a priority.

He thanked Slovakia for helping to protect Hungary’s southern border, and recalled that during Mr Pellegrini’s premiership, Slovakia sent Slovak police officers to Hungary for the purposes of this mission. “The reason why we don’t have migrants of all kinds wandering about uncontrolled in Central Europe in the tens or hundreds of thousands” is that we received assistance so that we can protect our southern borders, he said. He also recalled that they had “fought together” with Slovakia against the mandatory quotas for taking migrants in. 

He indicated that energy freedom is equally important for Hungary and Slovakia, and so the two countries also cooperate on the issue of energy, including nuclear investments. 

The Prime Minister thanked his Slovak partner for the fact that since 2010 we have been able to open 18 new border crossing points on the common Slovak-Hungarian border section. 

He recalled that he also had the privilege of working together with Mr Pellegrini when Mr Pellegrini was prime minister; during the shared period of premiership, the “distance between the two nations decreased,” friendship gained in strength, and they found the common points upon which good neighbourly relations could be built. 


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