Internal Affairs / As long as there is a national government in Hungary, we will not enter into war 

As long as there is a national government in Hungary, we will not enter into war 

Let us make a clear undertaking: as long as there is a national government in Hungary, we will not enter into the Russo-Ukrainian war on anyone’s side. However, if someone other than Fidesz and the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), if someone other than the national forces were in government, Hungary would be in this war up to its neck, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Friday at the European Parliament election campaign opening event of Fidesz-KDNP at the Millenáris Event Centre. 

The Prime Minister highlighted that pro-war governments, the Brussels bureaucrats and George Soros’s network are sending dollars in the millions to the pro-war Left in Budapest. They do not beat about the bush: they want a change of government in accordance with their principals’ needs. Instead of a pro-peace government they want a pro-war government; instead of a national government they want a puppet government subjected to Brussels and Washington, he stressed.

He added that we must not allow Hungary to fall victim to their wishes, and must carry on fighting. 

We must protect the Hungarian people’s peace and security. We must protect our economic achievements. We must protect our families and in particular, our children. Just so that they also understand in Brussels: No migration, no gender, no war! This is what is laid down in our election manifesto which we are releasing today, said Mr Orbán who also presented the document at the end of his address. 

The President of Fidesz opened his speech by saying that “for twenty years, we have won all European elections, we are Hungary and Europe’s most successful political community, we cannot set a less ambitious goal this time: I suggest that we win this one, too.” He added that our opponents had been unable to obtain the people’s trust for a decade and a half because they had abandoned their integrity and had forgotten about humility. He stressed that the election victory was only a means with which to serve the people, and that is what the government parties have done for 14 years now. 

Preserving trust and earning it again is a difficult task, and if we want to win, we must proudly accept who we are: we are the ones who pulled the Hungarian economy – which the Left under Prime Minister Gyurcsány’s leadership bankrupted – back onto its feet, he stated. He highlighted that today a million more people have jobs in Hungary, and twice as many Roma are in employment as during Gyurcsány’s government. We are the ones who have given the Roma jobs. Now, we are counting on them, too, in this election struggle, he said. 

He stressed that the government parties have achieved that, compared with the period of the left-wing government, the minimum wage has increased three and a half fold, the average wage has tripled, the value of the average pension has been raised, while the 13th monthly pension that the Left took away from pensioners has been restored. “We are the ones who have halved the number of Hungarians living in extreme poverty, and we are the ones who will eliminate the poverty that the left-wing government left behind in Hungary,” he said. 

He stated that no amount of left-wing lies or political troublemaking can override reality. He highlighted that in 2010 the size of the Hungarian economy was approximately half of today’s, meaning that in 14 years they have almost doubled the size of the Hungarian economy. While in 2010 the Hungarians owned just 3 million cars, today there are more than 4,200,000, while the monetary savings of households have increased from just HUF 1,000 billion to HUF 5,500 billion, five and a half fold. 

“The truth is that today the Hungarians are better-off than they were during the Gyurcsány-era, though it’s true that they’re not yet as well-off as they would like to be,” Mr Orbán said, taking the view that the people know this, and this is why they want Fidesz-KDNP to continue its work at every election, time and time again. 

“The prospects of the Hungarian economy are promising, there is no need for false modesty. With such achievements under our belt, we have by far the best chances in this election, too,” he stated. 

He also said the Brussels leadership must go, it does not deserve another chance, we need change in Brussels. He added that Hungary’s achievements were today under threat from Europe, from Brussels. “The strong, peaceful, free and happy Europe that we love so much and that we all yearned for in all our lives during communism is declining, is falling apart at the seams before our eyes,” he explained. 

He said there is a big problem in Brussels, the leadership has failed utterly. Europe’s economy is declining, the green transition is nothing short of a disaster, Ukrainian grain is ruining European farmers, migrants are flooding through the borders, crime is on the rise, and there is ever more violence. They want to re-educate children and to hand them over to the care of gender activists, he listed the problems. 

In Brussels, a change will not happen of its own, “we must bring about that change.” We must occupy Brussels, we must push the Brussels bureaucrats out of the out of the way, and “we must take control of things.” Unless we do so, not only Europe, but we Hungarians, too, will pay a heavy price for the inaptitude and incompetence of the Brussels leaders, Mr Orbán stated.

He recalled that earlier this week he had also launched the campaign in Brussels; however, that meeting was banned. He read out the text of the banning order which ruled that the event could not be held because the purpose of the event was to gather together scholars as well as representatives of culture and politics holding national and conservative views, and also because these people belonged to the Right holding religious views. The past and future of conservatism are inseparably tied to the idea of the nation, to the principle of national independence as well as to the revival of unique national traditions, he quoted the reasoning of the decision. 

According to the Prime Minister, only the final settlement of the incident was more scandalous than this: only after two judges rejected their appeal and the Belgian Prime Minister published a statement regarding the correct assessment of the situation had a third judge finally granted the appeal, and they were allowed to continue the conference. This is what the rule of law is like over there when its western, and they have the audacity to lecture us, he said. 

Mr Orbán said today Europe is balancing on the border of oppression and freedom, and the upcoming elections will decide which way it will move. 

“It seems that the task falls to us, the task of saving freedom in Brussels, too, after Budapest,” he said. 

Today in Brussels, there is a pro-war majority, there is a war atmosphere in Europe, and politics is ruled by the logic of war, the Prime Minister stated. 

Mr Orbán said one sees wartime preparations everywhere, the NATO Secretary General wants to set up a NATO-Ukraine mission.

The leaders of Europe have already drifted into the war, regarding it as their own war and also fighting it as their own war, the Prime Minister stressed. 

He recalled that at first, they were talking about sending helmets, followed by sanctions – at first, energy carriers were not included, then later they changed their minds. Next came the sending of weapons, firearms first, followed by tanks and aircraft, and financial aid was the next item on the agenda. Tens of billions, one after the other, and now we are somewhere at around a hundred billion euros, he added.

“Money, equipment, weapons, everything that is required, but the situation is not improving. In fact, it’s getting worse and worse, we’re only a step away from the West sending troops to Ukraine,” Mr Orbán pointed out. 

According to the Prime Minister, this is a war spiral which could drag Europe into a dark abyss. Brussels is playing with fire; what it is doing is nothing short of tempting providence, he said. The Prime Minister observed that in the beginning, world wars are never called world wars, they say things like ‘Third Balkan War’, ‘Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact’, ‘division of Poland’, and then they eventually led to two world wars. 

We Hungarians know what war is like, we have experienced it one too many times, Mr Orbán explained. Therefore, he is convinced that we must stay out of this war. 

This is not our war, we do not want war, and we do not want Hungary to become a mere toy in the hands of great powers again. Therefore, we must persevere with peace, here at home, in Brussels, in Washington, in the UN and also in NATO, the Prime Minister said in summary. 


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