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15 March: We stand for peace, it is our moral duty to do everything we can to silence the weapons

Similar to years before, also this year on the evening of our national holiday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán greeted members of Hungarian communities beyond the borders in a message; the message will be read out at several local commemorations, Bertalan Havasi, the Prime Minister’s press chief informed the Hungarian news agency MTI on Tuesday.

According to Mr Orbán, 15 March 1848 occupies a special place on the pages of world history. “Even after 175 years, we remember with awe and admiration this day of immaculate glow when the Hungarian nation won its freedom without bloodshed, in peace and agreement,” he wrote.

During our history, we Hungarians have proved many times that we have the courage to take on the fight against any overwhelming enemy that may come showering down upon us; yet, similar to other nations, we prefer to live in freedom to dying for it, the Prime Minister wrote.

He added that for decades we had every right to sincerely hope that no war could ever again be waged in the land of Europe. Therefore, during the present terrible times, we need all the more the compass of Hungarian freedom which has led us through so many cataclysms in our history.

We yearn for peace and stand for peace, the Prime Minister pointed out, adding at the same time that we have respect for other nations, but expect the same respect for the Hungarian people in Brussels, Washington and Kiev as well. We believe it is our moral duty to do everything we can to silence the weapons because this is the only way today that is able to guarantee the Hungarian people’s security and advancement in the Carpathian Basin, Mr Orbán wrote, concluding his message with these words: “May there be peace, freedom and accord.”