Internal Affairs / We don’t want to dance to Brussels’ tune 

We don’t want to dance to Brussels’ tune 

On Monday, in a video posted on his social media account, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán encouraged people to complete the national consultation questionnaire, stressing that “we don’t want to dance to Brussels’ tune.”

The Prime Minister – who himself completed the questionnaire according to the video – said in the coming months, the postman will deliver the consultation questionnaires about “the protection of our sovereignty” to every family. 

He took the view that it was time to consult the people because in the next few months all the way until the EU elections “serious debates will await us in Brussels.”

“It is an old tune, the Brussels bureaucrats want to tell us how to live: they want to send more money and more new weapons to Ukraine, they want us to not have subsidised household energy bills given that they don’t have them, and they want us Hungarians, too, to let migrants in,” he said, adding that “we are Hungarians, however, and we don’t want to dance to Brussels’ tune. 


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