Internal Affairs / The government is making ongoing efforts to renew vocational training

The government is making ongoing efforts to renew vocational training

The government is making ongoing efforts to renew vocational training, the number of students enrolling in vocational education has been on the increase for years and study results are also improving, the Prime Minister stated in a speech opening the 16th Star of the Profession Festival in Budapest.

Viktor Orbán stressed at the event of the Hungarian Chamber and Commerce that six of every ten students completing elementary school continued their studies in vocational training, and the technical college was the most popular school type.

He added that the introduction of dual training, too, had proved to be useful for both businesses and the country’s overall performance, from the viewpoint of the country’s economic growth. At the same time, the rise in the number of applicants and the improving study results show that the new system has also proved to be popular among students and their families, he said.

He further said those who want to move forward can also acquire middle management skills together with technician qualifications. An important and great result of the system of vocational training is that students attending five-year training enjoy a considerable advantage when opting to continue their studies in higher education in their respective fields of specialisation, he highlighted.
The Prime Minister told students that the key to success lay in curiosity, creativity, perseverance and cooperation.

He said while in Hungarian public life it is customary to denigrate and to speak disparagingly about schools and the school system – which could naturally be better and where there is room for improvement – we must not underestimate them.

He stressed that the success of Hungarian students here at home and on the international scene stands in praise of Hungarian education, and for this special credit should be given to teachers who pave the way for their students, sparing no time and effort.

Hungary can only find advancement if everyone here works and everyone does their jobs well, the Prime Minister stressed.

His message to students was that they need not go away as here at home, in the Carpathian Basin western and eastern companies are present together with local, Hungarian businesses.
With Hungarian expertise, organisational skills and will, we are able to build a country where it is good, and will also be good for the attending students, to live, to work, to start a family and to raise children, Mr Orbán said.

He added that even if they decided to look around in the wide world – which was an enjoyable enterprise – it was always worth coming home. “You’re at home only here, this alone is your country,” he said, highlighting that this is where they must find advancement, only here can they find a Hungarian future.
Mr Orbán thanked all teachers, mentors and staff members working in Hungarian vocational training with a pure heart and devotion for their hard work. He finally wished students of vocational training, their teachers and families all the very best.


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