Pressure of migration keeps intensifying, future of Europe depends on the protection of borders

The pressure of migration keeps intensifying, the future of Europe depends on the protection of borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in a video posted on his Facebook account on Friday evening.

“The meeting of the council of European prime ministers finished at three o’clock this morning. It lasted this long because we had to discuss the issue of migration,” the Prime Minister said.

He pointed out that the pressure of migration was intensifying; it is slowly becoming unbearable even for countries in the West.

We cannot delay this any further; we had to face up to the situation and had to lay down clearly that Europe was in grave danger. We must take action urgently. On this the Member States agreed, the Prime Minister added.

“Now, the only question is whether the bureaucrats sitting on the Commission in Brussels also understand that action must be taken immediately. For instance, the legal procedures against Hungary must be suspended or revoked, and Member States, including Hungary, must be given support to build fences and to reinforce the protection of their borders. This is what the future of Europe depends on, Mr Orbán said.