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With latest delivery of vaccines, Hungary could remain at the top of the vaccination rankings

Standing by the aircraft that delivered the vaccines to Hungary, the Prime Minister said “finally, this moment has come, another 450,000 vaccines have arrived in Hungary; with these, we will be able to vaccinate 450,000 people, and so save them from falling ill, or even dying”.

He asked everyone – as the third wave is attacking ferociously – to register and to have themselves vaccinated.

“This vaccine is good, I myself was inoculated with it, and if we manage to administer them in the coming days, Hungary will continue to remain at the top of the vaccination rankings in Europe,” Mr Orbán stressed. He was inoculated with the Chinese Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine on 28 February.

He added at the same time that “we are not racing against” other European countries, but against the virus. “We want to defeat” the virus, not other European countries, “in order to save the lives of as many Hungarians as possible”.

Earlier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced on his social media account that Hungary’s cargo aircraft had delivered to Budapest another consignment of 450,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccines on Thursday.