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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated Israel’s new prime minister

Mr Orbán wrote he is pleased to confirm his commitment to the security of Israel again, and at the same time, he reassured the Jewish state of Hungary’s support in situations when it is treated in a biased and unfair manner on the international stage.

He recalled that the close cooperation of Israel and Hungary had been solidified in recent years, and the Hungarian government expected to see a continuation of this process with the newly-formed Israeli government as well.

The coalition led by Naftali Bennett obtained the majority necessary for the formation of a government in the Israeli parliament on Sunday evening. The politician of the right-wing party Yamina took his oath as prime minister a few minutes after the vote. With this, conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s twelve-year governance came to an end.

Pursuant to the coalition agreement, at mid-term – in two years’ time – Minister of Foreign Affairs-leader of the centrist Yesh Atid party Yair Lapid will take over the position of prime minister.