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Hungary cannot exist without Hungarian communities of Transylvania, Vojvodina, Upper Hungary and Transcarpathia

“15 March 1848 is a joint heritage and celebration for all Hungarians. For 172 years on this day we have sworn allegiance to our freedom and national unity. Wherever we may live around the world, we will always remember the youths of March and we will pay tribute to the heroes who, from Pákozd to Háromszék, from Branyiszkó to Szenttamás, fought as one under the flag of Hungarian freedom,” the Prime Minister wrote in his message.

According to Mr Orbán, the fact that it has been a hundred years since we lost a significant proportion of our country in consequence of the Trianon treaty lends our celebrations this year special significance. “Just like 172 years ago when the cause of freedom would have swiftly perished without Áron Gábor, also today Hungary cannot exist without the Hungarian communities of Transylvania, Vojvodina, Upper Hungary and Transcarpathia; therefore, strengthening and protecting their rights is our joint mission and responsibility,” he wrote, adding that “as followers of the heroes of ’48, we solemnly swear that we will preserve – and enhance for the benefit of all our communities – the unique linguistic, spiritual and cultural heritage that we have created in the Carpathian Basin over a period of more than one thousand years”.

Mr Orbán concluded his message as follows: “Please allow me to salute you on the anniversary of the 1848 revolution and freedom fight, and to wish you uplifting celebrations, and much strength and perseverance for your daily lives thereafter. Long live Hungarian freedom, long live the country!”