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We are grateful that with his pictures Líviusz Gyulai radiated humour, playfulness and a positive world view

“Amidst our daily duties and towering responsibilities, we can only rarely experience the liberating and joyful power of art. However, Líviusz Gyulai always did his best to ensure that the little time people spent looking at his works was filled with joy and pleasure,” the Prime Minister wrote.

Mr Orbán recalled that during his career, in addition to his linocuts, etchings and pen and ink drawings, Líviusz Gyulai also made cartoons as well as illustrated hundreds of books. Villon, Cervantes, Mihály Vitéz Csokonai and Sándor Weöres are only some of the authors whose works he enriched with his drawings testifying to a unique sense of style.

“We are grateful that with his meticulously sketched drawings evoking different eras, he radiated humour, playfulness and a positive world view, addressing members of his audience, inspiring thought and making them smile,” the Prime Minister wrote in his message of condolences.

Líviusz Gyulai died on Tuesday aged 84.