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The strategic alliance between Hungary and United States has been strengthened

At the opening ceremony for the National Centre for Museum Restoration and Storage, the Prime Minister said in reference to the meeting that “around the beginning of this decade we assessed the situation correctly”. He stated that clearly the world faces momentous changes, and “soon we will also feel the wind of this”.

The Prime Minister also said a few words about the upcoming European parliamentary election, highlighting that at stake is preservation the culture of the Hungarian people.

He said that today Europe is being led by people who are “great supporters of cultural surrender”, who “do not mind seeing their continent surrender culturally”, and who lack the kind of thinking needed to enable Europe to defend its cultural identity.

But for the Hungarian people, he said, nothing is more important than “remaining what we have always been”.

Mr. Orbán stated: “Therefore we will send representatives to the European Parliament not to represent party interests there – not one party family or another – but Hungary’s national interests; and in this, culture will play a prominent and decisive role.”