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The flames of Hannukah are a declaration of hope and of the reality of the miracle

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán greeted Hungary’s Jewish population on the Feast of Hannukah in a letter addressed to Hungarian Jewish organisations, Deputy State Secretary heading the Prime Minister’s Press Office Bertalan Havasi informed Hungarian news agency MTI on Sunday.

“As the days grow shorter and the evenings grow longer, we yearn more and more for light, traditional delicacies and joyous days spent with family”, Viktor Orbán wrote.

“This year, when the festival arrives amidst waves of the global pandemic and waves of migration, the flames of Hannukah, which are a declaration of hope and of the reality of the miracle, shine even more brightly”, he continued.

Please allow me, as the Prime Minister of Hungary, to respectfully greet you on the Festival of Lights”, the Prime Minister wrote in closing.