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Rabbi of the Western Wall congratulated Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

In his message also worded on behalf of the “people praying at the Wailing Wall,” the rabbi highlighted that the Jewish community in Hungary was one of the biggest and most splendid Jewish communities in the world, and that today Hungary was one of the most important friends of the State of Israel in Europe.

“These are days of searching for a path and awaiting miracles in the whole world. The peoples of the world are seeking to pave their path in a changing reality. I believe that returning to the roots gives us the answers that we’re looking for,” Shmuel Rabinowitz wrote, wishing the entire Hungarian nation and Mr Orbán many years of successful work, well-being, good health and joy.

Mr Havasi recalled that during his trip to Israel in 2018, Mr Orbán was accompanied on his visit to the Western Wall by Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz.